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Classic Twist

New York City

After living in this Classic 7 pre-war apartment for many years, the client knew what didn't work and what could be improved. We completely reconfigured half of the apartment layout, opened up the kitchen to the dining room, created a larger home office, and added windows for more daylight.

The aesthetics of modern pared-down, lightly brushed oak and soft linear cove lighting gently overlays the new spaces and some of the original rooms.

With the new need for work-from-home spaces and a larger kitchen, we twisted and enlarged the kitchen, shrinking a large foyer that was expected for the 1920’s, less so now. The smaller foyer now is a jewel box marked with oak panels and cove lighting. Interstitial spaces turned into a pantry and a laundry closet.

We introduced central air conditioning - a puzzle always to be solved with irregular beam layouts in pre-war apartments. 

We transposed the tiny 4th bedroom into a larger home office space and moved and enlarged the associated bathroom. This office suite can be private and hidden when needed, behind a kitchen millwork panel.


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