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Big Miniature
(Gulliver's Gate)

Times Square

New York City

A large small world landed in Times Square. On the entire 45,000 SF second floor of the old New York Times Building on 44th Street, one of the largest exhibits of miniatures opened. Gulliver's Gate featured cities and spectacles, imagined and real, all at 1:87 scale.


Movement and lights captured all modes of scaled transportation, landmarks, and utopias. Models that reflect parts of the real world had been crafted in their respective country.

We designed the spaces, circulation elements, feature rooms (control center, 3D body scanner room), retail shop and offices that house these vibrant models and we created a unique façade to draw you into these worlds. The small entrance lobby off of the street became a huge design challenge to contain multiple stairs, an elevator, a lift, an escalator, a trolley hoist, ticket desk, and coat check. The two story lobby was gutted, a mezzanine removed, and the façade opened up for a new curved canopy fabricated from custom lightweight concrete panels.

(Gulliver's Gate is no longer operating at this location)

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