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Holly Hunt LA

Los Angeles

The Pacific Design Center houses many of the design trade showrooms, within three large buildings, that serve not only the Los Angeles area but also acts as the leading design center to the West Coast.

We designed Holly Hunt’s first West Coast showroom in the building known as the “blue whale”. The unique location of the 12,500 square foot showroom receives natural light from two ends. To the north, a fully glazed gallery opens onto a terrace. To the south, the large public circulation core brings in light to an all interior glazed storefront.

To help organize the large area of showrooms, a distinct hall composed of mirrored textured glass floor panels and wood slat apertures lead to a circular room, acting as a node, with a stretch fabric ceiling emanating a diffuse glow. From this node, the three other orthogonal directions lead to the fabric wings, leather boutique, and a series of other galleries leading to the sunlit terrace.

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