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Modern Tower

West New York, New Jersey

The design challenge for this project included not only a fresh look at the public spaces, but also increasing the efficiency of the circulation and spaces for today’s uses.

Tower West is a quintessential modern “tower in the park” building type, located in West New York (New Jersey) on the edge of the Palisades with sweeping views of the New York City skyline. Built in the 1960’s, its skin is a rigorous aluminum and glass curtainwall, not typically seen for an apartment building, and organized by a rigid geometry.

The front and rear lobbies underwent a large renovation, replacing the textured ceiling, removing dubious materials from later additions, cleaning and restoring the original materials and new lighting to create a hierarchy of glowing surfaces.


We replaced the front desk with a geometry that welcomes visitors, responds to the main circulation path and brings warmer materials that is echoed in the new interior design.  New cove-lit modern plaster wall tile enhanced the modernity of the space.  We chose furniture, wall covering, colors and decoration to enhance the mid-century modern design.

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