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Painting à la Mode

New York City

Originally part of a 1906 handbag factory, this sun-filled loft space demanded a light touch to maintain an airy, open feeling.


When the owners purchased the space, it was formerly used as an artist's studio for many years- one space with many lost paint gestures on the floor, and the slightest hint of a kitchen and bathroom. 

Abundant daylight struck us when we first walked in as well as the regular rhythm of the original factory beams. Our ambient lighting solution emphasizes the structural pattern with infill cove lighting offset from the bottom of the beams throughout the whole residence. We opted to leave the sprinkler lines exposed as part of the ambience.

Our layout created a bedroom, kitchen, office area, and two bathrooms- all open to the spine of the main space.

While we cleaned up the space and left a loft-like feeling to the space, artwork by the owner's father as well as collected works filled the space back up with color and added another layer of history.

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