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ongoing concept study for client

Revolutionary View

Upstate New York

Parts of this farmhouse date back to the Revolutionary War, with many subsequent additions to the sides, out and above - designed more for the interior logic and needs than exterior organization. Built into a low mound, part of the nearby Shawangunk Mountains topographic features, the house faces away from the family pond on the opposite side of the mound.

Typical of early houses, the ceiling heights are low and the rooms sized for the activities needed- tiny by today's expectations. The family asked how could  an addition work with a large gathering room and a view to the pond?

Our initial concept maintains the historic and original house - hands off as much as possible. We create a symbolic time portal through one of the kitchen cabinets, leading you down a few steps, under the existing yard, to the new, modern grand room with an expansive view of the pond. 

currently in concept phase with the client.

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