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bespoke furniture

Silver Nova Table

Holly Hunt, owner of her famous eponymous showrooms, invited select designers to celebrate her 25th anniversary in business by designing pieces to mark the event. 


As the occasion suggested, the use of the color silver was the only requirement. We decided to start with the most stable of forms, the tripod, and designed a twist, literally on the inherent stability of the tripod table.

The formative idea started with two shapes of the tripod, torqued on a vertical plane and tied together with a band of silver metal. A band of stainless steel mesh, both decorative and functional, was considered. Hand sketches and 3D models further explored other ideas.

As the form developed, we split the two tripod forms, on the horizontal plane- one oriented down to be stable on the ground and another oriented up to stabilize the top. By twisting two tripod forms, the junction of the two forms created a series of interesting, complex intersections.


The shallow dish of the upper tripod lent an opportunity for reinforcement with a stainless steel plate inlay– as if the top legs were cleaved to reveal an interior of silver.


The twisted tripod table presents a symmetrical, balanced form in plan. Viewed from other directions, the form takes on a dynamic quality, almost off balance.

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