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bespoke for the

elevated calm project

Steel and Glass
Pocket Door

New York City

Sometimes a design solution comes within the first few seconds of seeing a project. You entered the original apartment into a dark hallway, totally out of character for this sun-filled apartment, high up in a neo-gothic high-rise. Bringing daylight into the foyer became the starting point and a view to the city, an added benefit. 

The office and library would also act as a guest bedroom. We envisioned a prominent steel and glass door, that would frame your view. A heavy, theatrical-like drape would offer privacy when needed. 

With true divided lites of steel and glass, a pocket door of this weight needs to be carefully crafted- a hidden locking mechanism, appropriate hardware and cushioning gives the door a solid, smooth experience.


We punctuated the view with a bold color scheme to the library and the sinuous lines of the fabulous Fabricius & Kastholm "Grasshopper" chaise lounge.


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