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S E L E C T E D  W O R K S



This rigorously symmetrical new house takes on Georgian proportions, façades of shadows, and fuses a thoroughly modern interior that quietly peeks through the pared down classical organization of the exterior façades. The white on white palette emphasizes the tones and shadows produced throughout the day on the interior and exterior surfaces.

14241 JdN 67th Street v3 2023-09-04 11124900000 copy.png

concept study

To make a palatial 380 SF apartment in New York City, we started with a single theme crafted of oak and glowing light, with a precise use of every square inch. We imagined an oasis, a private hotel-esque suite. Serenity and modernity rise far above the streets of the city.

16_Jan_D2PM_Hermitage-32i fixed.jpg


Working internationally, we carefully added to and reshaped the massing of this English Arts and Crafts house and reawakened the interior layout. While the project required a complete gut renovation, we strove to modernize, yet maintain the character of the house located at the edge of New Forest National Park in Southern England.



Designed for the 25th (silver) anniversary of Holly Hunt's acclaimed furniture and textile showrooms.


By twisting two stable tripod forms on itself, the structure presents a symmetrical, balanced form in plan, but viewed from other directions, the form takes on an almost off balance, dynamism.

PP BB.jpg


On the entire 45,000 SF second floor of the former New York Times Building, we designed a vast universe to house one of the largest exhibits of miniatures in the US.


"Gulliver's Gate" featured cities and spectacles, imagined and real, all at 1:87 scale. 

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